Cycling against Corona

On April 4th I was diagnosed with Corona. And boy was I ill. On April 15th I was discharged from the hospital and several days later I started working on my recovary. And I set myself a goal. On May 24th I want to do a bicycle-trip from the hospital in Weert to the hospital in Nijmegen. The same route as I did by ambulance 7 weeks earlier. Why? To raise money to thank both the hospitals and all the people who work so very hard in their battle against Corona. And to let people know that you can beat Corona if you are lucky. But also to remember the patients that were not so fortunate.
I want to divide the money between the “Sint Jans (St. Johns) Gasthuis” in Weert and the “Radboud Foundation” in Nijmegen. The Foundation is doing research to cure the Covid-19 virus. And they are well on the way!